Horror stories

Be careful from your pet, ( cute creepy pet )

Be careful from your pet, ( cute creepy pet )

That’s what happened to me.


Be careful from your pet, ( cute creepy pet )

Keeping the promise :

I always wanted to have a pet at home. After I insisted on my decision, my parents agreed and decided to

give me an animal.

If I was successful at school in the first grade, I studied hard and got the highest grade.

I was in the first place. My parents rejoiced about the result. My father said, Now it’s time to fulfill the promise.

Get ready to go to the pet store and choose any animal you want. I was so happy. My heart was almost

flying like a bird. When we arrived at the store, I saw beautiful animals, but I saw a broken animal.

I looked at my papa and told him he is poor, and I loved him so I wanna you to buy it for me, My father

agreed and we bought the dog.

He was a beautiful police dog I called him Old Dog Willie, and he became a member of our family,

sleeping on my bed, playing with me, all the time.

Terrifying events:

One day, our neighbor came in to visit us, panicked in her eyes, and she said she saw Willie walking like

a human and talking to himself, “Willie, you have to go back to your world.” I never believed our

neighbor and I called her crazy.

All the days went well but one night, and as Willie and I were sleeping in bed, I felt human breath and

hands around me very tightly at first, I thought it was my mother, but I opened my eyes and I saw a scary

the guy sitting on a chair and staring at me.


It was a huge man in a military uniform and a green hat, his shape was horror, it was between humans

and animals And the man had fangs and claws that I was afraid of and was screaming hysterically

My father quickly came and saw me crying, he lapped me, he wiped my tears, and said it was all right, I

pointed my hand at the monster on the chair, but there was no one there.

I told my father about what I saw, he laughed at me, and he said, “Willy, your pet, his job is to guard you,

you’re imagining so you have to stop watching horror movies.”

And after I insisted on my father, he decided to put a camera in the room to see who this creature. at

night, Willie and I slept as usual,

I hugged him, and suddenly Willie became a different creature it was a human-dog his head to the center

of his body, like a dog, and from the center to the bottom, like a human body.

The next day, my father saw the surveillance camera. My dad was amazed at what he saw. It was Willy.

My parents were very afraid of him. so They decided to contact the supernatural world to save us from

this creature.

Follow also:

But Willy came in his true form. Sweat was very taken pours of us and our hearts started
beating very fast. He said, Hi, Willy is a creature like you, but I am not from your world.

I am from the world of the Elves, and I am grateful to you for your hospitality. and I would like to thank

your kind daughter, and for that, I have decided to reward you, he has given us a box full of pure gold and left.

And here ends our story: Be careful from your pet

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