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How to get strong backlinks for your site?

As a matter of fact, having  strong  backlinks in your site is one of the most important factors that help you get a higher rank in googel search.

Are strong backlinks  important?

Backlinks have become very essential for SEO. Of course,they help you to gain more trafic to your website,

Even though, famous sites have backlinks from other sites.

In the light of this important subject, this article,will be about which sites can provide you with strong backlinks to get better ranking .

Is it possible to rank without backlinks?

To be honest, the answer is no, the need for backlinks for websites owners or digital marketers

increases daily. This is due to the high competion in the last years. All the websites are trying to get high rank in googel search.

if  a website is very much trusted by googel as an authority, it has the chance to rank without backlinks.


Which sites provide strong  do follow backlink?



Alexa Rank: 5,200

Backlink: Do Follow

Storify is a service for writing news, stories, blogs or articles on blogs and websites and publishing them on your blog or website as well as in social networks.

2-REDDIT Site.

reddite to get strong backlink
reddit site to get strong backlink

Alexa Rank: 27

Backlink: Do Follow

Reddit is like social media , it is called a social networking site, but in a special way, you can  publish news related to a specific thing, but you can also create your own section and publish it on the site for users to make votes and comments for it. And interact with the article.

3- BLOGMARKS Backlink

Do Follow

Alexa Rank: 56,16

  BlogMarks This site is a leading site in the world as it is one of the largest references for blogs on the Internet, and it was created in 2003 to be a reference For all the posts on the Internet, you can easily register and enter your website link in the space provided for that.

4-FAVABLE Backlink

Do Follow

Alexa Rank: 392,592

Equally ,Favable for preference for links on the Internet in the form of BookMarks, but they are automatically shortened by Bit.ly links, making it easier to publish on platforms.


Do Follow

Alexa Rank: 9,147

Backlink: Do Follow

Instapaper is a new way to get Signals completely different, the site that cares about Mobile Search is a head of its competitors who neglect these  Instapaper gives you the ability to save your favorite links on  Internet.


 Alexa Rank: 62,470

Backlink: Do Follow

Netlog allows you to blog with your personal account.You may have heard of this site before, but you do not know about the blogging feature provided by this site .

After  registering a new account, you can create your own blog on your personal account and start blogging.


Alexa Rank: 422

Backlink: Do Follow

Rediff is a site for Social Signal and BackLink Do Follow. It is  one of the largest social networks.

Simply, register a free account and log on to your account and start writing down the links for your site to get backlink.


Alexa Rank: 1,695.

Backlink: Do Follow .

In fact ,Scoopis  the text version of Pinterest that allows you to create Boards .For instance,through these boards you can  share your site links too, to get BackLink Do Follow Scoop.

It also links the different boards through Tags and through the profile of members.


Alexa Rank: 241,570

Backlink: Do Follow

Obviously,Postagon is, a very distinctive new blogging platform Microblogging service that allows you defintly to get BackLink Do follow through Your short blog posts.


Alexa Rank: 3,030

Backlink: Do Follow

Being a social network for publishing and sharing sites with friends, Diigo is  a site that allows you to create your own network  and create a group of.


Alexa Rank: 2,163.

Backlink: Do Follow .

Morever,plurk is a nice site to get backlink to the top of search engines. All  what you have to do is to put the link to your topic.


Alexa Rank: 12,419

Backlink: Do Follow

In addition to what is mentioned a bove,Surfingbird is one of the best sites to get a good backlink for your site, the site is more than amazing and it is one of the giants of global sites which allows us to have BackLink . 

Dear readers, in conclusion , the best website for backlinks is where your audience are. The mentioned above sites are not the only sites that provide  backlinks. There are more and more. You can choose whatever you like.

You can also read about the seo tools to help you.






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