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The Best Free Seo Tools For Better Ranking

Do you complain about the prices of paid SEO tools? Are you looking for top free  tools for spying and analyzing information?

In this article you are going to learn about top free seo tools to help you improve your marketing and sales



top free seo tools
Top seo free tools


How do the free seo tools help you in ranking?

  • They help you to  to test landing pages and traffic.
  • You can make  a survey of any site and extract any data you want (addresses – comments – links).
  • It helps you to search for more than one profitable new niche idea.
  • In addition , you can discover the best influencers in any niche, who create personalities or websites.
  • Not only that, but you can spy on any website and find out how much traffic it is gaining, and the sources you work on with the click of.

Top Free Seo Tools For Ranking

1-Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker

  • You can use this free tool from Ahrefs in a very smart way  to spy on landing pages, marketing campaigns that promote a lot, and many affiliate marketing offers that we care about and want to profit from.
  • All you have to do is search for the page of the affiliate offer you want to search for, such as: Clickbank or any  product on Amazon.
  • It is advised not to be very popular, because this means you will find a huge number of links.
  • You can  you use Ahrefs search any  offer on CPA network and other offers, then put Link to this offer in this tool (the free version gives you approximately 100 backlink for each URL you check) and then click on the search as shown in the image.
Top Free seo Tools

2-Answer The Public

  • This very simple tool, is more than  amazing to know what people are searching for in any field a form of questions.
  • It is alos used by  professional marketers themselves depend on this tool  . This tool helps you:
  • Know the long tail keywords your audience is searching for.
  • Get ideas for your ads (titles – sentences – questions).
  • Find out the sub-questions that your audience is asking in order to answer them on the landing pages of any product or service that you promote.
3-Google Keyword planner.

The free  tool that Googel offers for everyone in order to encourage them to use Google AdsYou can use it to find out the modern keywords and niche that you can exploit, whether you work in the field of Adsense or the field of sales for it.

4- Adding Multi- Highlight to the browser.

A great addition to the browser, which makes you select (Highlight) any word in the English language. You can use it to search for more than one word at the same time.

It is  an advanced alternative to Control + F which we use to search for any word on any page on the web. This simple tool saves a lot of time.

This tool helps you  to find out which special words your competitors are using on their landing page such as (Offer –   change – be – life – pain). It is very useful in improving  better writing the ads and landing pages I relied on, thus increasing my profits.

5- Google Trends tool.
googel trends
2021 Trends. Trends concept with wooden cubes

The best free SEO tools for Google Trends . you can monitor rates of change in keyword searches. You can take advantage of times of high search rates.Moreover it  suggests more keywords that will increase the number of visits to your site through search engines.Therfore,  you increase your sales and improve your marketing rate.

6- Similar Web:


top free seo tools
searching optimization


This tool is specialized to find out the traffic of the site .You can also use  this tool  to compare the traffic between you and the competitors.

7- Seo Site Checkup

This tool is used to do a comprehensive examination on the site, identify errors and alerts, and display solutions for how to fix and avoid these problems.

8- Microsoft Free Seo Toolkite

This is not a single tool. Rather, a package of tools provided by Microsoft.

It is dedicated to analyzing the site, addressing errors and reconfiguring the site to be more suitable for search engines.

9- Keywords Everywhere tool

A great addition to the browser (Google ChromeFirefox), which  gives you an ideaabout the  search volume for each word .

In addition to that,it provides information about the competition and the click rate for each word.

This tool is very useful, especially if you work in the Adsense field. you can learn how to use this tool and others to do a search for keywords. Not only that ,but you can  spy on competitors .


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